Freelance Services

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I want to work with you to realize your creative vision. Here are the services I offer.


I will create content to populate your website, make your business look swell and bring the brand to a new level. I will write your company’s blog, newsletter, and website content.

Editing and Proofreading

I will proofread and edit your team’s ideas that have leaped off the drawing board and landed on the page. I will rid the text of syntax and grammatical errors, as well as line up the tone of the text to fit the mold of the brand.

Freelance Journalism

I am always interested and looking for new journalistic projects. Studying journalism, I have gained the itch to explore new angles and tell the stories that deserve to be told. I enjoy digging up interesting tales in the world of food and leisure.

Recipe Development

I will develop recipes for your food or lifestyle brand. I have lots of experience in the food industry, and in developing quality recipes for companies.

These are the platforms who I have written for.

University of Sudbury

Smoke Show

Reader’s Digest, Our Canada Magazine

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Le Journal le Voyageur

L’Orignal Déchainé, journal Francophone de l’Université Laurentienne

Northern Lights Festival, Festival Boréal

Let’s grab a beverage or a bite of your choice and discuss your vision.

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