Freelance Services

I want to work with you to realize your creative vision. Here are the services I offer.


I will create content to populate your website, make your business look swell and bring the brand to a new level. I will write your company’s blog, newsletter, and website content.

Editing and Proofreading

I will proofread and edit your team’s ideas that have leaped off the drawing board and landed on the page. I will rid the text of syntax and grammatical errors, as well as line up the tone of the text to fit the mold of the brand.

Freelance Journalism

I am always interested and looking for new journalistic projects. Studying journalism, I have gained the itch to explore new angles and tell the stories that deserve to be told.

Brand Developing

I will develop a communication strategy to carve your brand in stone. I can help determine appropriate communication vehicles, target audiences, and messaging.

Let’s grab a beverage or a bite of your choice and discuss your vision.

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