Flock to the Cedar Nest in Downtown Sudbury

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Think about a charming, old bed and breakfast on the coast, furnished with your grandparents intricate colourful antiques, serving fresh gnocchi with mushroom fumé. Did I mention it’s in the heart of Downtown Sudbury?

Enjoying seared scallops and intricate cocktails in a room that reminds you of the room of requirement at Hogwarts, is fucking awesome. The Cedar Nest, is what Sudbury’s food scene needed. A spot that is serving exciting food, using local products, in a really cool environment.

A struggling downtown core and restaurant industry leaves few bright spots in this slightly neglected part of town. Needless to say, it’s tough for business owners in the city’s center. It’s time for the birds to fly back to the nest and back to downtown Sudbury for an interesting dining experience.

What makes the Cedar Nest special?

  1. A small, well thought-out menu.
  2. Use of local ingredients (they used Ugly barn mushrooms in the gnocchi dish)
  3. A cedar based drink?????? The thing was incredible, I’m not sure why cedar isn’t a more profound flavour found in Canadian cuisine.
  4. The decor was like walking into an antique auction.

Please give this spot a chance and support the businesses making Sudbury’s downtown core, a place to revisit.

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