During Quarantine, my Brother and I Wrote a Cookbook for the Food Bank.

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Beer bread and Dukkah from the recipe book.

My brother and I have an unusual relationship. We are polar opposites, but we land in the same on the same strip when it comes to food. He has a calculated, well-thought out cooking style, while I am a tornado of spontaneity. Together, we form the ultimate team. A real force to be reckoned with.

While stuck together, we decided to use all this pent up energy building up from quarantine and put it towards a positive endeavour. We were getting antsy as fuck. (The swear describes our mood pretty accurately.)

We decided to write a cookbook, with the proceeds going to the Sudbury Food bank! Every night, after a day of working online, we would cook 2-3 recipes for our parents, including cocktails. They were a little resistant to the constant flow of alcohol in our house, so I took charge of the tasting.

Buzzed, we were testing and photographing our food late into the night. Then the process would repeat. We would work, cook, write, photos, a little Xbox until the project was complete. I would be remorsed to not mention our amazing designer Moe Alaedinne, who always puts out the best work. Without him, the project would not of happened.

We ended up raising 560$ for the Sudbury food bank. I am proud, and hope our contributions went to feeding some lovely people of the North. I also hope everyone who purchased a copy enjoyed the recipes as much as I liked writing them.

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