Shout-out Sundays edition one – Zaher’s Small Batch Hummus

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I think there is an opportunity to use the internet to promote businesses that I really admire and enjoy.

No this is not new. Promoting products online is clearly the norm. So why do I not get on this bandwagon and help out some of the great local food, businesses and vendors of my region.

Without the support of the community, nothing will be left to enjoy but fast food chains and gas station sandwiches. So I will be starting my Shout-Out Sunday segment. (Say that fast 5 times.) These are not sponsored post, they are simply public service annoucements.

Zaher’s Small Batch Hummus

There is a reason this jar is empty.

This product strikes a chord in my heart. As many of my friends know, I started a small hummus production business called Hometown Hummus during the summer of 2016. I ultimately stopped because of the many challenges of being a business owner and a full-time student. But now, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, has its own official small batch hummus company.

I will easily admit it, their product is way better than mine ever was. Their recipe stems from a family tradition dating back from the 1920’s. The owner has been trained by generations of craftsman.

This hummus is ridiculous. I have had it on many occasions, and it never disappointed. I have tried carrot cumin, dill pickle, hemp and a spicy curry type. These are the delicacies Sudbury needs to unlock its multicultural identity.

Indulge on this perfect snack by checking out their website.

Enjoy and keep shopping local.

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