As promised, I will be heavily documenting my brother and I’s cook-offs from years previous.

For those reading this post without having much context, here is the link to the first round.

Basically, my brother and I have been spending our summers preparing to battle in the kitchen. This tradition has been going on since 2015, and there has been some tremendous standoffs. I want to highlight how important these cook-offs are for us, and our family. I will also try to dig into the archives and find pictures from these events.

Anyways, the summer 16 was in full force. The summer that will be referred to by most people my age as THE summer. Comparable to Bryan Adams, summer of 69, Drake baptized the season in song, and it lived up to his promises.

The cook-off mirrored those grand four months. We really brought it. Here are the results.

The theme of the year was… we had no theme. It was simply a freestyle.

Appetizer Round

Jojo’s appetizer
My appetizer.

At the crack of 5:30, the knives were chopping as fast as a NASCAR pit crew. Anticipation from the judges was overwhelming and we both had trouble plating within the time limit.

I made a seared scallop with a triple root purée. (Carrot, parsnip and ginger.) I served it with a grilled crostini. (Basically toasted bread point.)

Jojo made a dish of mussels with fennel and wine broth.

We both took the seafood direction, and the judges were impressed. We have 4 judges this year, (not great to choose a pair number.) I took the edge during this round, because of my time management and dish simplicity.

Nick: 1

Jojo: 0

Entrée Round

My entrée.

This round I made a risotto with loads of good parmigianno and grilled white wine chicken.

Jojo made a coffee marinated veal loin with artichokes and a quinoa salad.

Jojo took the edge in this round, because of my massive portion size. His dish was a little more creative.

Nick: 1

Jojo: 1

Dessert Round

This was the decision round. Intense was an understatement. I made little cheesecake wonton raviolis. Yes my meal was a tad heavy. But I was feeling confident.

Jojo for his dessert, whipped up a traditional zabaglione. He killed it, let’s be honest.

The judges, had trouble picking a winner. Like parents do very well, they awarded the challis of champions to both of us. I am still bitter about that.

Our record

If you are keeping track, it is now Nick 1 win, 0 losses and 1 tie.

Jojo 0 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie.

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