How to keep food exciting as a vegetarian

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I would be lying if I said that it’s easy to keep food exciting while you are trying to make a healthier choice for your body and the planet.

Eating with no restrictions for most of my life combined with a short attention span has resulted in a lack of interested towards my cooking lately. I was sick and tired of constantly eating plant based burgers every day. I was sick of opening and closing the fridge 5 times, thinking each time that something new would appear.

With summer comes inspiration. There is just something in the air other than pollen and blue skies. I cannot stress this enough, for people who live somewhere where the seasons do not exist, in Canada, summer is a breath of fresh air.

Zucchini noodles with fresh herbs, green peas, shallots. (Fun fact: I once had an idea for a fast food health chain called Impasta.)

I decided to shake my food up by going to summer markets, buying the most unique produce I could find, trying new restaurants. And I can confidently tell you, I feel invigorated.

My advice for anybody looking for a little excitement in their food is to step outside of your culinary comfort zone. Buy that weird looking veggie, order something you wouldn’t regularly order, explore recipes from other cultures and shop for vegetables in season from markets.

Here are some of the things I have been cooking and eating lately, maybe it’ll spark a little inspiration in you.

Veggie rice salad wraps. We picked up some ingredients from the market to make these bad boys. I love dipping them in peanut sauce.
Really rad radish sprouts we picked up at the Sudbury Downtown Market.
Colorful breakfast at Café bloom in Montreal.
Kombucha from Fous de l’ile in Montreal. Perfect summery drink.
Normally I hate the trendy avocado toasts, and kombucha etc, but this one from the Laughing Buddha in Sudbury is ridiculous. Avocado, crispy chickpeas, beet hummus, sunflower sprouts, spicy drizzle on top.
Finally, my own beet hummus, made with love.

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