One Short Hour in a Michelin Star Restaurant

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For those who don’t know, a Michelin Star is a ranking system for quality and innovation in restaurants across the world. These people that rank these institutions are dedicated culinary connoisseurs, that distance themselves from family and friends for the truth. These agents travel around the world with absolute secrecy to give these restaurants the ultimate title in food.

While staying in the Bassetto guesthouse hostel in Certaldo Italy, we decided to sign up for a van trip offered by the owners to the quaint medieval town of San Gimignano in Tuscany. The van was filled the old white van to the brim with strangers, looking for a bottle of wine and a taste of Tuscany.

Driving through the vineyards was incredible, but not as incredible as our meal. Squeezing yourself like sardines into a moving vehicle in the middle of the Tuscan hills is the ultimate way to make friends. As we got out of the van, we knew we had a good group of people.

We had 2 hours to explore the city, so we meant business. We wandered around all day, sampling the world’s best gelato, looking at cheese and wine, admiring the beautiful medieval architecture, when we saw the restaurant.

Hidden in a tiny alley, was a Michelin star restaurant, Cum Quibus. Immediately, we wondered if we should go in. Half of us decided that this would likely never happen again. So we decided to go in, with one hour on the clock.

I was euphorically happy as I looked at the menu. The clock was ticking, but we insisted in buying the cheapest bottle of wine. There we were, 4 strangers guzzling down expensive wine, and bonding over this spontaneous experience.

The waiters brought bread, little appetizer plates, more wine and finally the main event. The pasta. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love food. So they also know that this was an unforgettable experience for me. We demolish our food, and hustle towards our ride home. It’s pretty crazy how such a meaningful experience can be shared with interesting strangers, who eventually became my friends.

(you can read more about the place and region here .)

The city of san Gimignano

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