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What is happening in Canada? I gaze out my window this morning with a glimmer of hope.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the day has begun.  It is nearly the month of May, and from what I remember, year after year, May is the month of golf, apparitions of shorts, beer case sunglasses.

SO what do I spot when I walk out my door.  A snow bank.  Mocking me with a blank stare. I am upset.  I was just about to invite my friends to a cliff jumping and dockside beers.  But this unwanted couch surfer just keeps hanging on.  Let it go frosty, it’s summertime.

This why today, after a good day at my new job, I am not letting the weather bring me down. I am throwing my apron on, a warm sweater underneath, and I am kicking the grill on.

Here is my recipe for my grilled, lemony, veggie, lentil salad. This summery meal will leave you light on your feet and dreaming of warm days.  Don’t be afraid to pair it with your favorite cocktails and put on your favorite Hawaïn shirt.

What you’ll need

1 can of lentils

1 small sweet pepper

1 small zucchini

2 large tomatoes, or a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes

Olive oil

Salt, pepper

2 Tbsp of Zahtar spice mix

1 chili pepper, sliced

Half a red onion

Juice and zest lemon juice

A handful of feta (optional)

Chopped parsley and basil

How you’ll do it

  1. Open the can of lentils, drain and wash the lentils.
  2. Cover the zucchini’s with olive oil, salt, and pepper and grill them, until you notice nice char.
  3. Chop all ingredients, and mix together in a bowl.
  4. Zest lemon into the salad, top with herbs and feta.

*The Zahtar is what takes that salad to the next level.

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