The vegan hub in the nation’s capital

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 Cauliflower Korean BBQ wings from the Pure Kitchen on Elgin menu.


“What do you even eat?”  This grossly ill-informed question is a constant buzz in most vegan’s ears.  This conception of herbivorous dietary restriction is a natural one considering the lack of options in the restaurant world scenes around the planet.  To this day, there are no vegan restaurants recognized by the Michelin star guide.  I honestly get it.  What does a good plant-based restaurant look like? Where does a vegan get a gastronomy fix?


In Ottawa, the nation’s capital, Pure Kitchen on Elgin is breaking the mold of the region’s food scene.  This eccentric hipster hub is challenging the misconception that a protein should be the centerpiece of any dish with creative, bold, plant-based meals.  They’ve seemed to have unlocked the potential of the humble dirt and tree candy, creating burgers, pressed sandwiches, noodle bowls and anything you could be craving. My personal favorite dish so far is the plate of Korean barbecue cauliflower “wings” that are sure to settle any cravings for game night wings you’ve ever had. 



The Ottawa food scene has a trailblazer that is changing the way a wide range of people not only think about a restaurant experience but think about the way they can prepare food in a delicious, easy way at home, with amazing results.  Toss that together with an awesome laid-back atmosphere and assortments of fresh pressed juices. Even the biggest of carnivores will walk out of there satisfied. 



I have tried quite of few items on the menu, but here are the stars of the show.  The vegan poutine with mushroom gravy and a cashew “cheese” is an absolute game changer.  No longer will you miss out on the delicate road-side greasy staple in Canadian culture. This is the poutine you didn’t know that you needed.  The mushroom and walnut burger will leave your taste buds pleasantly confused.  For the heat seekers, the restaurant offers a kimchi and gochujang cauliflower bowl that will make you want to hop on the next plane to Seoul. 



Pure Kitchen is the hero Ottawa needs.  They are taking the steps to transform the way people see, eat and think about food.  Hopefully, this will trigger more spots like this one, in the capital’s food scene.  Keep blazing the trail Pure kitchen. 

Here is the website if you want to check it out! 



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