About me in Pictures

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My name is Nick Mongeon, my friends call me Doc. I love to write, I love food, and I love travelling outside the guided tours. So this is me, simply sharing my stories, opinions and recipes for all the enjoy. After graduating with a degree in Journalism from Laurentian University, I am looking to write, and to write I shall. Je aussi suis un fier Franco-Ontarien. I am always looking for new projects, so feel free to reach out if you happen to land upon this website.

Johanie in Barcelona.
Biting into an onion for a photoshoot.
Hometown Hummus, my baby.
Fun first.
84 Dodge Ram Van.
Read my article I wrote for Reader’s Digest about my train trip across Canada.
My brother and I’s quarantine cookbook for the Sudbury food bank.
Runner-up on Food Network’s Wall of Chefs.
Recipe Development and food photography.
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